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Dayhoff Labs

AI/ML Engineer (Full Time)

As an AI/ML Engineer at Dayhoff Labs you will be involved in all aspects of training, testing and productionising models. Our motivation is to ship the best and most usable models of chemistry and biochemistry to our users, and to maintain them safely at scale.


  • Collaborating with other members of the team

  • Designing, building and testing models to beat internal and external benchmarks

  • Building maintainable software to help manage and grow large datasets

  • Shipping models to production and setting up systems to monitor and maintain them

  • Developing and maintaining documentation

  • Hiring and mentoring new team members

  • Contributing to the strategy of the company


Minimum Qualifications

  • Enthusiasm for and experience in the best team practices in software engineering

  • Experience of training and using modern deep learning models (in particular Transformers) in a production environment

  • A willingness to take on multiple tasks, typical of a startup environment

  • A welcoming and encouraging attitude to other team members

  • A commitment to learning new skills and growing over time


Preferred Qualifications

  • Formal training in computer science and machine learning, e.g. from a bachelor’s degree

  • Experience of machine learning in the context of chemistry and/or biochemistry

  • Experience of collaborative model development in a python environment - for example of Pytorch, Kubernetes, and cloud platforms.


We welcome applications at all experience levels and offer competitive compensation. If you are a passionate engineer with a strong desire to make a difference in science, we would love to hear from you.

Please write to us at outlining your interest and experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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