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Data Publishing Policy

At Dayhoff Labs we are committed to open data for science. Our work generates useful scientific data and we aim to publish these in a timely, accessible and permanently identifiable way.

Dayhoff Labs generates Research Data ourselves and in partnership with other organisations. We also generate and use Commercial Data with and for customers. Our aim is to publish Research Data as soon as they are available and validated. The publication of Commercial Data is governed by agreements with customers; in some cases Commercial Data (or a subset) will be publishable, in others they will remain confidential to the customer or a third party.

Wherever appropriate we support open standards for data publication as well as the use of community repositories of data. Publishing and maintaining data assets is a core activity, but we also aim for longevity of availability by mirroring data publication with partners. Internally we store data in standard formats with long term audit and archiving in mind.

At time of writing, our work does not generate any personally identifiable information (we do not generate or use data from human subjects).

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